Located on the mid-north coast of NSW, Dropbear Consulting provides programming and analysis services for a variety of languages and environments. The principal of Dropbear Consulting is Peter Langton, who has over 20 years experience in the IT industry in many different business sectors.

The main focus of Dropbear Consulting is developing tactical, small to medium scale systems that supplement the features and functions of existing core applications such as ERP systems and OpenOffice/StarOffice macro development.

Dropbear Consulting also provides integration services focussed on open source and web delivered applications. More details about these applications can be found on the Open Source page of this site.

So what's a Dropbear?

Wikipedia knows the answer [here].

The Australian Museum too [here].

Some references use Drop Bear, some Dropbear; I prefer Dropbear. Feel free to argue amongst yourselves.


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