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Making the move to Joomla
This site used to be static HTML pages but now uses the Joomla Content Management System (CMS); why the change? There are two different questions here: Why Content Management Systems? The short answer is that they makes life easier. Why Joomla? Because...
Convincing Joomla that an update exists
The built-in update function introduced in Joomla 2.5 is a great leap forward in simplifying Joomla version maintenance and generally works just fine [1]. Except sometimes, when you know there's a newer version available, but the update checker remains...
Joomla tricks - submenu indicator
The built-in menu module in Joomla 2.5 does not offer a way to indicate that a menu item has undisplayed sub-menus but with a little bit of PHP coding we can make it happen.
Backup or move your Joomla site
Backups are a Good Thing, but making a usable backup of a database driven content (such as a Joomla site) is a bit tricky. You need a consistent copy of to both the source files and database tables - fortunately there are extensions that can help.
Make Joomla Weblinks open in a new tab
If your Joomla site uses Weblinks and the Smart Search component, any search results that match weblinks will open the link in the current window, regardless of your weblinks configuration. You can fix this with a small template override.
System Implementation
Joomla From the website ( ) "Joomla is one of the world’s most popular open source CMS (content management systems). With millions of websites running on Joomla, the software is used by individuals, small & medium-sized businesses, and...
Joomla tricks - menu item without a menu
There are some standard Joomla features that cannot be embedded in an article but require a separate menu item. Sometimes you want the content, but not for it to appear in your menu tree. What to do? You can create these items on a separate menu which...
Joomla tricks - Where am I?
Sometimes you want to know the top-level menu item of the current page (eg as a header for a submenu). This is easy enough to determine with some PHP code, but how can you display the value?
Configurable or Customisable - which is better?
Off-the-shelf software packages are rarely a perfect fit for your requirements; this means you have to make some changes. Given a choice between a configurable package and a customisable one, which is preferable? As ever it depends on your specific...
Moving out - changing web hosts
I've recently moved my web hosting to a different provider and found the migration surprisingly smooth. That doesn't mean you can ignore basic data security practices, but it's nice to know things can go well.
About us
Located on the mid-north coast of NSW, Dropbear Consulting provides programming and analysis services for a variety of languages and environments. The principal of Dropbear Consulting is Peter Langton, who has over 20 years experience in the IT...
Wikidpad - a structured notepad
Some time ago I ran across the open source application Wikidpad [1] - a kind of structured notepad, only more. Wikidpad gives you a place to store all sorts of information in a wiki-like structure that doesn't require any web server. There are lots of...
Comments as spam
Comments on web pages can be an interesting and valuable channel for communication with your customers, but they can also be a source of polluting spam. Recently I've been getting quite a few almost real looking comments that are actually bait for...
Who, what, where - Information you give to sites you visit
Websites can collect a lot of information about you just from your browsing. Sometimes useful, sometimes unsettling, but it's interesting to know just how some of this works.
Cross-browser testing
Some nasty surprises await those who don't test a website design in multiple browsers. It's not enough to just make sure your site 'looks Ok' in Firefox and Internet Explorer; the recent explosion of tablet devices means that design flaws will be...

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