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Backup or move your Joomla site
Backups are a Good Thing, but making a usable backup of a database driven content (such as a Joomla site) is a bit tricky. You need a consistent copy of to both the source files and database tables - fortunately there are extensions that can help.
Computers are for life, not just for Christmas
Part of the planning process for any new computer systems should be to identify its on-going maintenance requirements and the person or group within the organisation that will be responsible this upkeep. Without this support commitment, even the best...
Moving out - changing web hosts
I've recently moved my web hosting to a different provider and found the migration surprisingly smooth. That doesn't mean you can ignore basic data security practices, but it's nice to know things can go well.
Output oriented analysis
Data analysis projects often focus too much on the collection and classification of the data and too little on how the result will be used. This can lead to some poor decisions that could be avoided with a more integrated approach.
Choosing the right tool for the job
It's easy to want to use the things you're used to, but forcing software into situations that aren't appropriate is a poor long-term solution. Starting with the right tool (or set of tools) can save you having to either throw it out and start again or...
Adventures in synchronisation volume 3 - Files and Stuff
Having established an ownCloud synchronisation framework to share my contacts and calendar between devices, it makes sense to see what other things I can do with it.
Reporting Bugs
In theory, the point of reporting a bug is to get it fixed, or at least to help. Too often I see (and receive) bug reports that are almost useless. Writing a good bug report isn't hard, it just takes a little discipline, which can be assisted by a good...
Making the move to Joomla
This site used to be static HTML pages but now uses the Joomla Content Management System (CMS); why the change? There are two different questions here: Why Content Management Systems? The short answer is that they makes life easier. Why Joomla? Because...
Bad security is worse than no security
Poor security can lend a false sense of security, encouraging you to relax your guard and making it more likely that you will suffer loss or damage from bad guys.
Network Security
External Network Scanning One of the core mechanisms for protecting networks is to install a firewall to mediate traffic between systems on the internal network, publicly accessible systems is a DMZ (from the military term d e m ilitarised z one) and...
It might be the last thing you want to read, but not having a well documented IT infrastructure (servers and networks) can lead to surprising events like critical systems running on unsupported servers. Documentation must not only be accurate at the...
Adventures in synchronisation volume 2 - Calendar
Synchronising calendar details across multiple devices introduces some additional complications beyond the requirement of static data such as contact details.
Adventures in synchronisation volume 1 - Address book
Although my primary computer has a perfectly acceptable address book I regularly want this information on one of my other devices (tablet, phone other computer, etc). My case might be a bit extreme in terms of the number of devices I use, but the basic...
RSS in Firefox - let's use Thunderbird instead
For some reason Firefox doesn't offer Thunderbird as an RSS reader, which means you have to manually add each RSS feed to Thunderbird. It's not a big problem, but it's still annoying. We can fix this.
No Optical Drive? No Problem
Many new laptop computers don't have a CD/DVD drive; this is fine if you're installing software over the internet but not all suppliers provide downloadable installers. And then there's all those reference manuals on CD that you sometimes need. There...
Beyond the Blackboard
Considerations when designing or specifying an on‑line learning environment. For many organisations, the provision of training to staff and customer represents a significant cost. As the processing power and network bandwidth available to desktop PCs...
OpenOffice / StarOffice macros
OpenOffice / StarOffice macros So you've taken the plunge and installed StarOffice or OpenOffice and everything basically works; so far so good. Now Bob from Accounts wants to automatically send summaries of last month's sales to each of the department...
Convincing Joomla that an update exists
The built-in update function introduced in Joomla 2.5 is a great leap forward in simplifying Joomla version maintenance and generally works just fine [1]. Except sometimes, when you know there's a newer version available, but the update checker remains...
Are we there yet?
The success (or otherwise) of IT projects is often difficult to measure; it's even harder if you have no clear idea of the results.
A Taxonomy of Loss
The widespread commercial use of the internet has led to an increasing focus on systems security. Media driven hype and a lack of independent information can make the true level of threat to an organization difficult to determine. Adopting a structured...

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