In theory, websites 'should' be tested in multiple browsers across multiple operating systems; in practice, it's not usually feasible to have one of every device and device type available, so your testing options are limited.

Fortunately, the desktop version of the Safari browser includes a feature to emulate another device which helps avoid the need for separate IOS devices.


First the Developer Toolbar

To use this feature you have to enable the developer toolbar.

Click the 'Preferences' button on the toolbar:

In the Preferences dialog, on the Advanced tab, check the option to 'Show Develop menu in menu bar'

Then close the preferences dialog.

Select Your 'Agent'

Now you will have the 'Develop' menu available in the page menu .

For iPad/iPhone testing, any of the IOS options seem to produce much the same results.


You will also need to adjust the size of the browser window to match the target device - at least match the width.


  • These screenshots and behaviours are from a Windows 7 PC; your mileage may vary.
  • The emulation reportedly isn't exact, so don't assume too much if you have a critical business need.


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