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  • Adventures in synchronisation volume 3 - Files and Stuff

    Having established an ownCloud synchronisation framework to share my contacts and calendar between devices, it makes sense to see what other things I can do with it. Files The webDAV [1] standard at the core of the ownCloud [2] project is about files;...

  • Adventures in synchronisation volume 1 - Address book

    that I would need a separate contact maintenance program to add or edit any records. Foiled again. CardDAV server - ownCloud Another standard, based on WebDAV [6]. The important thing here was finding some server software that provided the...

  • Adventures in synchronisation volume 2 - Calendar

    of other people are relaxed about it, so it's probably just me...). Current solution Following my good experience with ownCloud [4] as a synchronisation platform for address books , I've been experimenting with the calendar support and things are...

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