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  • Online surveys

    How do you know what your customers want? Perhaps you should ask them. Surveying your internal or external customers gives you hard information on which to base decisions about product development, marketing campaigns, resourcing or any other area...

  • Netcraft Web Server Survey

    conduct an automated monthly survey of internet sites; in June 2012 they collected 697,089,482 responses. These responses can be analysed to show the distribution of different web server software and the operating systems on which they are hosted. Of...

  • A Taxonomy of Loss

    web sites per day were reported as defaced [Attrition], your turn may be next. Recent FBI data indicated that over 90% of surveyed organizations had detected some security breach with 74% reporting financiallosses as a result [FBI]. Although this paper...

  • Interesting things

    Sites with interesting information about various programming and internet subjects (at least I think they're interesting)... {loadposition ext_weblinks}

  • Privacy at Dropbear Consulting

    Cookies Although we do not use cookies in the main areas of this site, some interactive services, such as the sample online survey, do use cookies to maintain session state information, other sections of this may require you to logon before you may...

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