If you see an RSS (Really Simple Syndication) icon like this  on a web page, it indicates a feed of updated items that you might want to monitor.

Unfortunately, your browser may handle these feeds in a way that I find is less-than-useful - I prefer to see feed items in my mail client rather than in my browser. This is easy enough to fix, you just have to add the feed directly to your RSS-enabled mail client.

It's easy to want to use the things you're used to, but forcing software into situations that aren't appropriate is a poor long-term solution.

Starting with the right tool (or set of tools) can save you having to either throw it out and start again or limp along with an inadequate solution when you reach the limitations of what seemed like a good choice at the time.

Some nasty surprises await those who don't test a website design in multiple browsers.

It's not enough to just make sure your site 'looks Ok' in Firefox and Internet Explorer; the recent explosion of tablet devices means that design flaws will be obvious to many more potential users.