There are some standard Joomla features that cannot be embedded in an article but require a separate menu item. Sometimes you want the content, but not for it to appear in your menu tree. What to do?

You can create these items on a separate menu which makes them available but not visible.

The built-in menu module in Joomla 2.5 does not offer a way to indicate that a menu item has undisplayed sub-menus but with a little bit of PHP coding we can make it happen.

The technology options for displaying 3D content in web pages have evolved over the years with a number of different formats attaining at least temporary popularity but with variable levels of support and maintenance. Here I mean projecting 3D content (virtual worlds) onto a 2D display screen, not the kind of stereoscopic 3D display that needs special glasses.

Sketchfab (and similar services) use the WebGL standard to integrate these display functions directly in the browser, simplifying the user experience and removing a number of obstacles for content creators.