The truly intelligent computer (or robot) is a staple of science fiction in all forms. While there's a lot of activity, the prospect of developing human intelligence in software faces some basic problems.

Futurists and science writers regularly predict virtual reality, intelligent computers, digitised memory and any number of exciting advances that are 'just around the corner'; usually 5-10 years away, which gives them time to sell lots of books before having to revise the estimate to 5-10 years from now (I sometimes fear I am too cynical).

If your Joomla site uses Weblinks and the Smart Search component, any search results that match weblinks will open the link in the current window, regardless of your weblinks configuration.

You can fix this with a small template override.

I keep hearing about how great multitasking is; lots of people seem to be constantly texting, (even while driving/walking), checking email every five minutes and juggling seven different to-do lists at the same time. It's a neat trick of you can manage it, and you certainly look busy , but do you actually get much done.