Although WYSIWYG [1] web page editors make it much easier for the general user to create and maintain web content, there are times when I just want to be able to create and edit some HTML directly.

The simplest option, using a word processing application to export HTML, is a bad thing; the underlying paradigm of word processors is antithetical to good HTML. Fortunately there are alternatives such as the composer component of the Seamonkey project [2].

Data analysis projects often focus too much on the collection and classification of the data and too little on how the result will be used.

This can lead to some poor decisions that could be avoided with a more integrated approach.

Cloud based computing is the latest in a long series of allegedly paradigm-shifting innovations in the computing industry. In common with most of its predecessors it is neither as good nor as bad as it looks.

The increasing availability of high-speed, reliable internet services makes cloud computing services a viable option in a number of situations, but adding 'cloud-based' to a product description doesn't magically solve all your problems.